Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just A Little How To - Hand Printed Kids Leggings

So I have been seeing leggings like these all over the place and I am head over heals in love. I so wanted my little Rae to have a pair but the price tag on most of these sweet leggings are a bit over my children clothing budget. So I thought to myself, I bet I could make these, and I did. I am pretty excited how they turned out and wanted to share.
These awesome leggings can be found here I will more then likely be getting a pair of these also. They are just to cute.

Here is what you need...
 *Fabric paint in 3 colors (I love Tulip Soft paint it doesn't get stiff like some fabric paints)

*A home made stamp 
(I didn't take pictures of this step but really all you need is a small block of wood, and some sticky backed foam. Cut out two of the shape you want and stick them together and then stick them onto the block, and you have your very own custom stamp.)

*Paint Brush

*Pair of leggings you want to design. Mine where from Target for 4 dollars.

*Some Cardboard for putting inside the pants so the paint doesn't soak through to the other side.

First take your cardboard and place inside of your pants.

Now you can start painting. Here I have a pair of pants I already finished and the pair I am starting to stamp. All I did was paint the color of paint I wanted onto the stamp with the paint brush and start making a kind of patten with them on the pants. Depending on the color you are using you may need to apply paint on the stamp after every application, but if you like a bit of a faded shape then you can stamp two to three times before you have to add more paint.
Finish with the first color and then wash your stamp and start with the next. I only did this step for a total of three colors, but really the possibilities are endless. After you finish your third set of shapes let it dry, then flip it over and do it again on the other side.
And there you have it, a super cute pair of custom printed pants. Unfortunately I don't have a picture with my little Rae in her's but I will have to get one up so that you can really see how cute they look.

Happy Wednesday :)

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