Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pinspiration and My Closet

I love Pintrest. I get sucked in every time I open up the page and some how an hour magically disappears. Strange I know. Well I figured instead losing, said hour I would put it to use and start a couple weekly post using the wonderful things I find on Pintrest for some blog posts.

So here it is my first Pintrest inspired post called Pinspiration and my closet. Basically I will take an outfit inspiration from Pintrest and see if I can make a similar outfit from clothes I currently own in my closet.

Here is my Pintrest Outfit.

Outfit details : Boots Pay less Shoes, Jeans TJmax, Sweater Goodwill, Belt came with a shirt from Target, Scarf Khols

And here is the outfit I pulled out of my closet.

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